Foundation Stone - April Silver Birthstone Charm


Beginnings, threshold moments, markedly marvelous days and beautiful firsts…all variations on a similar theme: foundations (beginnings). Introducing, a group of twelve, bright, gem toned crystals, each corresponding to a calendar month. Each crystal is hugged by shimmering silver.  Close your eyes, whisper a wish, cast it out into the universe and…wait for the reply. Celebrate your next trip around the sun with a lovely keepsake (and cake.) Sterling Silver Charm 1/2". 

At its heart, Waxing Poetic is not just a brand, but a project - an ever evolving, ever expanding one - about storytelling, personal alchemy, creativity and love.  Designed to be worn in multiples, Waxing Poetic charms and pendants are intimate mementos with meaning that can be combined to tell one's life story. Celebrate your journey.