Waxing Poetic Melange Golden Charm


Sterling Silver, Brass, & Swarovski Crystal. It sounds impossible or near alchemic: intricate artistry meets a romance with chance. Like unearthed color stories in warm and cool palettes, the Melange collection carries constellations of Swarovski crystals and metal studs embedded in waxy nuggets of sterling silver or brass. The Golden Charm has sterling silver stud detail with clear and pale green Swarovski crystals embedded in a textured brass background. Charm is approx 3.2cm. 

At its heart, Waxing Poetic is not just a brand, but a project - an ever evolving, ever expanding one - about storytelling, personal alchemy, creativity and love. Designed to be worn in multiples, Waxing Poetic charms and pendants are intimate mementos with meaning that can be combined to tell one's life story. Celebrate your journey....