Recycling your Spongelle

Before upcycling your empty Spongelle sponges, it is best to disinfect them. Thoroughly wet the sponge first then heat it in the microwave for 3 minutes, keeping a close eye on it.  Once done heating, allow the steam to cool then wring out the excess water. 

Shipping & Packing

Cut sponge material into small strips and save for cushioning Christmas presents, birthday presents, or fragile materials during a move. 


With Summer just beginning to heat up, reused sponges will be your water-loving plants newest best friend!  To improve water retention capacity and aeration in potted plants, place some sponges in the bottom of a planter before adding soil and garden as usual.  Your plants will be protected from drying out on the super hot, harsher days of the season by the extra water reserve.  You can also cut sponges into small pebble-sized pieces and mix these into the soil for improved drainage around trees and plants.


Sponges can be great addition to any craft.  Whether you cut shapes out for painting, stencilling or use the surface for a texturised nail art look, the ideas are endless!

Sprout Greenhouse

Lima seeds, lentil seeds, and radishes are just some of the sprouts that can strive best in a soil-less sponge sprout greenhouse.  Soak your seeds overnight, then stick them into the pores of a damp sponge.  Cover the seed filled sponge with a clear glass bowl, and mist with water every few days or when dry.  Seeds should sprout within a few days of planting!

Ice Packs

Soak a sponge in water then place in a resealable, reusable zipper storage bag.  Freeze in case of injury, or to keep your lunch cold on-the-go. 


Vases and thermoses can be really tough to clean with a rectangular dish sponge.  Secure your disinfected Spongology sponge around a ruler with rubberbands or a twine string to create a super effective scrubbing wand.  


Did You Know?

Did you know that reusing packaging material saves more energy than recycling?  The mini cotton Spongology Body Buffer is especially useful for storing grains or packing dry snacks, nuts, and other lunch items!

Did you know that the shower gels you are currently using normally consist of 90% water and 10% ingredients.  Spongellé’s Body Wash Infused Buffers are the exact opposite, consisting of 90% ingredients and 10% water!