Amoorra Sleep Shower Bomb 30g


Whether its been a long day at work, a hard gym session, or you just feel that you need some time for you, amoorra Shower Bombs are 100% natural, and are the luxury new addition that will transform your shower into a spa-like experience... harnessing the powerful therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy.

More than just a naturally beautiful fragrance, it's about taking time out for you. It's about creating a sanctuary of wellbeing in your own home. Its about 'making me time easy' & positively caring for yourself.

Amoorra’s Sleep Shower bomb will help you to unwind in time for a good night’s sleep. A lovely blend of Lavender, Bergamot and Vetiver, this sleep shower bomb will relax your mind just in time for bed

They are packaged in a recyclable and reusable tin so ♻️NO MORE PLASTIC FOIL♻️

Vegan-friendly, they suitable for all skin types. Amoorra do not test on animals and are ethically and sustainably sourced.